A decade ago Lexus pioneered the RX 400h, a luxury crossover SUV that paired Lexus’ powerful gasoline engine with a power motor and a self-charging battery. The launch of the RX 400h promptly transformed the hybrid market. It brought luxury comfort and head-turning visual appearance to the relatively generic compact sedan hybrid lineup.

Today, lexus hybrid is constantly on the push the boundaries of the hybrid market. Lexus offers not simply one hybrid model, but a range of hybrid vehicles, which don Lexus’ striking visual appearance and deliver powerful and fuel efficiency because of Lexus’ dual-source powertrain. Let’s look into the specific advantages of Lexus hybrids.

First things first: satisfaction. Every new Lexus hybrid battery includes a warranty of a decade or 150,000 miles, which is the precise type of guarantee that guarantees a far more confident drive.

Within a Lexus hybrid, the electric motors combine with the gas engine to deliver immediate torque and seamless acceleration. For light acceleration, only the electric drive is used, which produces a more gentle takeoff and enhanced efficiency, but as speed increases, the gas engine kicks in. When an acceleration boost is needed, both sources deliver optimal power output.

The Lexus hybrid system works in tandem with Electronically manipulated Continuously Variable Transmission. This pairing produces powerful acceleration without the abrupt or jerky shifts.

A major difference between Lexus hybrid vehicles and other hybrids on the market is Lexus hybrids are more efficient in every driving conditions. Most hybrids are just optimized while cruising, however in a Lexus hybrid no matter which kind of condition you are driving in – city traffic or highway speeds – the Lexus hybrid system optimizes output from the electric motor and gasoline engine, and allocates power to the drive wheels as well as to an electric generator. All this leads to not only an improved ride quality but more miles per tank.

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Instead of losing the kinetic energy to braking, the Lexus Hybrid latest car Drive system converts that energy into electricity and sends it back to the battery, effectively adding a charge to the battery each time you brake.

When decelerating with an end, the Lexus Hybrid switches off its gas engine to save lots of fuel and minimize emissions, but the electric motor remains ready and active to initiate immediate takeoff.

2020 ESh – An extravagance hybrid sedan that provides an impressive 44-MPG combined estimate.
2020 NXh – A world-class luxury SUV that generates a 31-MPG combined estimate.
2020 RXh – With seating for six, this luxury hybrid crossover offers 308 total system horsepower.
2020 UXh – The compact crossover SUV that gives the best combined MPG estimate of all non-plug-in luxury SUVs and the innovative technology.

Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid technology leaves a lighter footprint on the surroundings and on your wallet. With superior fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, you can also reduce maintenance and running costs.

With two resources of energy, you have both power and efficiency in a Lexus Hybrid. Seamlessly combining petrol and electric power, the hybrid system monitors driving conditions to co-ordinate both power sources when required, whether accelerating, in traffic or cruising along faster roads.


Our Self-Charging Hybrids systems are eco-friendly and reduce harmful gas emissions.


Self-Charging Hybrid vehicles are typically cost effective to buy, own and run than an equivalent diesel or petrol model.

Significant maintenance savings can be produced in the long-term as the hybrid system does not have a clutch, timing belt, starter motor, alternator etc.

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Also, replacement parts costs are significantly reduced as Lexus hybrids produce less deterioration of brake pads and tyres, resulting in further savings.

Lexus Self-Charging Hybrid means no plugs. No diesel. No compromise. You’ll do not have to connect a Lexus Hybrid to a power socket – they can be always ready to take you so far as you will need to go.


Lexus Self-Charging Hybrids all have computerized transmissions, making them easier and smoother to operate a vehicle. They also feature a 5-Star Euro NCAP safety rating.

Just get right up and go. As soon as you try the driver’s seat, the self-charging battery will prepare yourself, without the need to plug in or charge overnight.

City driving is where fully electric mode comes into its, with zero emissions and no petrol typically used at lower speeds. For the occasions when you need an extra burst of power at low speeds, the petrol engine provides support. With nimble handling at the busiest junctions, it’s correctly adapted to urban life.