Buffet is a self service system of dining in restaurant or parties. Buffet is an extremely popular system of food service in virtually any party or restaurant. Buffet is also an important things of F&B. But many people as well as many f&b staff doesn’t really know what is buffet? In many traditional and reputed restaurants you will find the buffet style dining.
Many restaurants serve their a large number of customers by buffet with a few staff therefore those restaurant get more profit by using minimum leave of staff. The buffet system dining is actually very easy to handle.

A buffet restaurant is one where customers can fill their plates with a variety of food for a set price. Normally buffet restaurants pick a particular theme, such as Mexican or Chinese, and then choose different variations of standard dishes to offer. Buffets help communities by exposing those to different kinds of food without making them buy a complete bowl of something they might not exactly like.

However, now we should come back to the main point of Golden Corral prices.

What is Buffet?
“Buffet is a method of food service in which the verities of ready food dishes are displayed in line with the sequence up for grabs either hot or cold and Guest’s serve those foods themselves”.

Generally, buffet is a self-service style of dining where the customers pays a set price for having food which is entitled to select just as much foods as she or he want.
Actually, in a restaurant customers pays a prize for having food plus they serve food themselves by maintaining line from where different kind of ready foods are displayed in several dishes to consume, like. Starter, rich, bread, curry, vegetable, meat, fish, water, beverage and dessert is named Buffet.

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Buffet dining style is certainly a style of experiencing food which is very popular a huge selection of countries like USA, Canada, Australia, and Sweden. Actually the idea of buffet style dining credited to the Swedish tradition.

There are some rules in buffet style dining, which is, Food should be displayed to guests in various dishes. Food should be fresh and in natural temperature. Keep efficient staff to take care of the buffet system. Need to keep enough ready food so that food can be served easily to all customers/guest’s. Some staff should be stay next to the buffet with neat and clean address and become prepared to follow customer/ guest’s order. And they should describe about foods. And follow the customers/ guest’s requirement.

In today’s age buffet-style dining is becoming very popular in all over the world because, buffet is such a style of serving food where is no problem to get food by wish and choose oneself. And there is absolutely no probability of wasting food unnecessary. Buffet system can control one’s own portion size and side dishes. And today a days if you turn to any sort of occasions like weeding, holidays party, general party then you will find that we now have buffet style dinning is arranged.