Imagine the options of an inside or outdoor stairwell that creates the look of walking on air. We have more than twenty years of experience cutting and installing our glass railings for staircases. Follow our style tips to create a beautiful, open environment utilizing a glass-railing staircase in your house.

At work, your reception area is the first impression your clients will have of your business. Among the worst feelings you can illicit for your clients as they wait in an unfamiliar reception area is that of cramped stuffiness. Which has a glass-railing staircase or reception desk, you’re in a position to keep space clean and – even if your square-footage is small – create the sensation of space. Ensure that your customers are getting the best first-impression you can provide. Choose an inviting, open, clean space which makes customers feel welcome.

At home, glass looks good in practically any environment, but especially around minimalist, chic décor. Greys, blues, and whites compliment the simplicity of glass nicely. For furniture, try pairing these colours with a sand-coloured or dark, chocolatey, brown wood. Whichever you select, try to maintain consistency in any given room; don’t mix a sandy side-table with a dark brown coffee table. And steer clear of furniture that is grainy or textured. The secret to this kind of design is simplicity. A glass stairwell is the essential accent piece for a modern-design home. Along with your minimalist design, the appearance of glass offers a straightforward but striking addition to your entranceway, living room, or back deck. Yes, even your back deck!

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Versatility and Beauty:
Glass railings are great for indoor or outdoor environments. If you have an work place with an open access way and frequent traffic, it’s likely that your entry is a bit of both worlds. Our glass railings are easy to keep up with a shammy and glass cleaner, so even if your environment is a shop facing a primary road, dirt and dust haven’t any place to settle. Have you got a sky-lighted living room? Or a set of stairs from a balcony to back patio? It could be difficult to acquire material that will stay beautiful in every types of Calgary weather, but by using a squeegee coupled with a little stainless-steel cleaner for the edges, your stairwell can stay beautiful in snow or shine.
Choosing the material for your staircase can be considered a tough decision. A good choice can help accentuate the most amazing top features of your space, illuminating the luxurious feel and texture of the staircase and boosting the inside style you so carefully designed.
The incorrect choice can make your space feel claustrophobic, small and uncomfortable, hiding all of the best features and casting a shadow on an otherwise elegant decor.

With so many textures, colours and styles to choose from, it can frequently be an overwhelming process trying to choose the perfect one…so you will want to let us help you decide? We choose glass!

What exactly are the benefits associated with using glass in a staircase?
A sensational glass staircase in your home, office or building is a really iconic centrepiece, and certainly a talking point for guests and visitors. Naturally shiny and reflective, glass stairs are a gleaming architectural gem, making your space feel polished and clean without you needing to lift a finger.

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Speaking of cleaning, glass is one of the easiest materials to keep, as unlike wood, it doesn’t require staining, painting or varnishing to keep it looking good. A simple wipe down can help maintain your glass staircase sparkling, which makes it a great addition to a busy or time-short household.

The upkeep of your staircase is also minimal, with the reinforced glass lasting longer and being stronger than alternative materials. As it doesn’t scratch, chip or dent easily, it’s one of the most durable options on the marketplace for central staircases.

jarrods staircaes is also a great option for smaller spaces as the transparent steps naturally let in more light, making your rooms appear bigger and taller. They can open up your space to the morning sunlight, and gently reflect sunsets into the room, allowing the space to feel airy and breathable without opening windows or doors.


Imagine if it doesn’t match my existing style?
One of the most favourable features of a glass staircase is its colourless form, keeping it from clashing with any other colours or patterns in the room. Where wood or steel are rich in colour and texture, glass simply reflects your look and opens up more light to illuminate it better.

There isn’t a colour palette out there that doesn’t go with glass, and therefore no matter your dream design style, your staircase won’t stick out such as a sore thumb.

However, if you opt to incorporate your staircase as an attribute piece, there are so many design styles that can compliment a glass structure. A modern, trendy choice, you possess the opportunity to play around with a huge range of colours and styles, without worrying about

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